Collective wisdom from Life Experiences


Website to capture life experiences/perspectives of people across diverse fields of interests, careers, cultures, countries, religions etc. across All Ages.


Are you entering into 30s or just made it into 30? I just did! :O

Do you feel like ‘ Oh should have done that during the college days,  should have tried this after college‘ or having thoughts on the lines of ‘Had I got a chance to re-live my 20s, it will be double aweseome’ ?

Well, at this stage of your life, hope you will be having some wisdom to pass on to your younger self, with the hope that you learn from yourself and make your 30s better compared to your 20s ?

Or even better, what if, you have some wisdom to pass on to the younger generation who might be on the verge of treading similar path as yours?

Having spent some years in life, do you wish if you could get some advance wisdom on how to best spend your 30s , from the folks of 40s?

Some sample topics.

How to best live your 20s? 10 commandments!

The advice can come from diverse range of people who are in 30s, or 40s.


How to best live your 30s?

How to best live your 40s etc.


It will be a curated list of blog posts.

Once someone posts their blog post , there will be option where in the author can publish it to his facebook / twitter and get feedback / comments / appreciation from peers.

So,  what’s your life hack?