Tips and Tricks to boost your confidence instantly

In the article ‘How to build your confidence‘ we discussed the various factors that affect your confidence.  Though building confidence takes time, here are some quick tips to boost your confidence instantly.

Quick tips to boost your confidence instantly

1) Dress sharp

Choose the appropriate attire, iron your dress, polish your shoes, tidy up your accessories! Dress up not for the person who you are, but for the person whom you aspire to be. With your power dressing you will feel charged and confident enough to go and greet people. You can take the help of an Image Consultant if required, who will help you choose the attire that suits your personality.

2) Body language

A simple act of standing straight, with your weight equally balanced on both legs itself can give you a sense of stability and instant confidence. Be conscious of your hand movements and gesture. Fake it till you make it!

3) Improve self consciousness

Quite often you hear, in order to avoid nervousness, don’t be conscious about what you speak and do, instead feel natural. I would say, be conscious, be aware of what is happening with you. Be aware and conscious about what you are speaking, how you are speaking, how you are standing, your hand movements, facial expressions and your overall delivery. If you are conscious only, you will be able to assess yourself how you are performing, and improve yourself. However don’t get consumed into your own performance that you forget the value delivery to others around you.

4) Strike a conversation

If you are in a group event, or getting into a meeting, try to strike a conversation with whoever you are comfortable with. Look people in the eyes when you speak, with a smile. This will help you remove the initial jitters if any, and feel natural in that environment.

Which are the tricks and tips that you adopt in order to boost your confidence instantly?