#iLikeISRO Campaign

ISRO did a spectacular job and made us proud with Mangalyaan!

The excitement, which Mars Orbit Mission achievement generated throughout the nation was revitalizing our hopes  of India emerging as a super power,

Mission Mars was reaffirming India’s leadership in frugal engineering and innovation yet again.  It  also reminds us again of our history where India used to be a global leader of technology, economy and culture.

iLike ISRO Campaign

Awed at the brilliance and greatness of ISRO and the great scientists behind it, I stumbled upon  the facebook page of ISRO.

645,909 likes as on 5.45 am 25/09/2014

Come ON!!

This is a proud moment for the entire nation. Of course we can see the facebook shares and tweets on #MissionMars,  #Mangalyaan, #MarsOrbitMission . #MOM,  #MarsMission . Great going!

But now it’s time to get spectacular!

We, facebook users from India  just crossed 100 million by April 2014.  How many Likes at ISRO facebook page, should we be getting from these 100 million netizens? 1 mn, 10 mn, 50 mn? It definitely should be in millions right?

Why don’t we have a campaign,  to show our Excitement, Support, Greetings,  Gratitude and Best Wishes to ISRO?

Now, let’s join this campaign #iLikeISRO and invite our friends and family to join this movement and lets drive millions of LIKES to ISRO facebook page!

Like ISRO here.

Liked it already? Great going!

Now get spectacular by sharing  it with your friends. Let’s hit the Million Likes. 

You can use the hashtag #iLikeISRO in your tweets and facebook posts.

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ISRO did a spectacular job and made us proud!
Let’s get millions of LIKES to http://bit.ly/iLikeISRO   


Facebook share post

ISRO did a spectacular job and made us proud! Now, let’s do a spectacular job in getting millions of LIKES to ISRO!

#MissionMars #Mangalyaan #MarsOrbitMission #iLikeISRO



Congratulations to India, Congratulations to YoU ! Let’s be spectacular!

To share our joy and excitement we created the poster below!


  • Aditi Gupta

    There are >than 100 mn facebook users in India. Why only 700k likes for ISRO? Let’ get millions of likes bit.ly/iLikeISRO #iLikeISRO