‘Before-During-After’ Event Networking App


An event networking app, which offers ‘Before-During-After’ event networking with attendees, that could improve the quality of networking.

Why this app is needed? Present challenge in event networking.

Imagine that you are planning to attend an event (say, a business networking event)of the likes of Startup Saturday / Product Conclave / Barcamp. Every event you attend, you have an objective in mind, which usually stays in your mind, unless the organizer explicitly captures it and makes it available for rest attendees, or if you explicitly put it in twitter / facebook / other social channels of that event.

In an event which has 50+ attendees, or for that matter 1000+, you won’t be able to quickly figure out, which all of the attendees are relevant to you, so that you can invest time to meeting them and further build a relationship.

Of course everyone is looking for someone/something, be it finding employees/partners/contractors/co-founders/customer leads/mentors/investors. As of now you might be trying to meet as many people as possible, in that limited period of networking, hoping that you bump into someone who turns out to be a valuable connect.

The question is how do you improve the quality of your networking time ‘Before, During and After the event.

Existing options

  • Facebook event page: If the organizers have hosted a fb event, you can find the attendees from the page, contact them individually.
  • Meetup.com event group: Contact attendees who have RSVPd for the event.

What I felt personally, a missing feature in above is this. If 200 members are attending, it means I have to manually send messages to 200 of them,(to explore possibilities) or use group message option(at the risk of being spammy).

How can this app help you?

  • It captures, what each attendee is looking for.
  • As an attendee you can search and filter other attendees based on certain criteria to identify prospective connections to meet.

Are you using any such apps?

If yes, which all?

If not, What do you think of such an app, will it be helpful to you?