Must Do Activities in the Initial Days of your StartUp

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The post covers details on must do activities for days 1, 2, 3 etc and weeks 1, 2, 3 etc. These are highly execution specific guidelines which will instantly get you started.

Here we go, Sparta!

Days 1, 2, 3

  1. Sales
    • Start Sales from Day 1. Yeah, this matters the most right? (Will be writing a detailed post on it soon.)
  2. Set up your Website Launch Page
    • Set up a Launch Page, giving a brief description of your product or service, why people should be interested in your offerings. You can use services like,  which will help you collect email ids of customers who are interested in your service.
  3. Blog
    • Have your first blog posted, about why this startup, who are its customers, what are the benefits to customers etc.
  4. Google Ads
    • Set up a Google Ads Campaign to get sign ups from customers, with daily budget of INR 100, or 200 to start with.
  5. Discovering Customers
    • Post your website url contextually, in forums where your customers would be present. Explore LinkedIn connections, Linkedin Communities, Facebook connections, Pages and Communities to find 5 prospective customers by Day2.
    • Identify Q&A forums where your customers will be present, industry associations, Quora etc. Address their queries.
  6. Learn from Experts
    • Identify top 10 or 20 industry experts in your industry, send them your launch page, collect feedback about concept, ask for pointers, customer / partner references.
  7. Leveraging Linkedin Connections
    • Send an in-mail to all your LinkedIn connections, taking feedback of your offerings and ask for customer references.
  8. SEO
    • Get basic ON-Page optimization done. Will be writing a detailed post on this soon.
  9. Q&A Community
    • Set up Q&A platform, and update the launch to people who have signed up from your launch page earlier. You can use any of the readily available Q&A plugins or platforms to set up your Q&A community.


Weeks 1, 2, 3

  1. Sales
    • Try to find 10 qualified leads in a week, Sell,  Sell,  Sell !
    • Find 10% more leads week after week. Sparta!
  2. Customer Engagements
    • Start engaging with prospective customers via related Forums, LinkedIn communities, Facebook pages, groups.
    • Listen to Twitter Hash tags, Google Alerts related to your keywords
  3. Building your Emailing List
    • Once site is up, give more focus to building your subscription mailing list. Engage with your subscribers via emails with a frequency of at least twice a month. Research to come up with interesting mailing topics. 
  4. Google Ads
    •  Refine Google Ads to improvise targeting and conversion.
  5. Blog
    • Blog regularly, at the rate of at least a new blog post being published every week. Some blog post ideas.
    • Why your product or service?
    • Background of your team, how you will be able to make a difference?
    • Who are your customers, what value can you provide to them?
    • What are your customers insights so far?
    • Successful customer case studies by different industries, sector, use case
      • A detailed blog post on ‘How to come up with blog ideas for your startup?‘, is coming soon.
  6. SEO
    • Focus on SEO right from the beginning with focus given on Content Marketing. Have an overall SEO strategy in place. Start with the Off-Page SEO activities by Week 3 or 4. Weeks soon become months, and by 3 or 4 months your site will be SEO rich, provided it is done regularly.
  7. Reinforcing communication via Various Channels
    • Ensure that after a new blog is posted, it is getting pushed via your Twitter, Facebook and rest channels as well. Similarly once your newsletter email goes to the list, ensure to get it posted by Facebook, Twitter and rest channels.

Which of the above did you find most applicable to you? What