How to launch your startup in one day?

Screw it, Let’s do it!

This post shows how you can quickly launch your startup idea in A day,  yeah that’s right! in One Day; lean enough, to start getting in touch with prospective customers.

Note: Assumption here is, you are already convinced about your startup idea (Have got some customer validation, knows a bunch of people who wants your product/service), and the next logical step is to get more customer validation and proceed to building an MVP.

If you are in the above stage, the following hack helps you launch your start up in one day, and gives you a super headstart, in marketing and sales, right from Day 1!

Welcome to the fast track LaunchMarketing Hacks!

Here we go,

  • Buy a domain name. Come up with a name for your website. It doesn’t have to be your ultimate startup name. If you don’t have any ideas, come up with a name using keywords related to your business. (ex. say Look out for the most economic domain name options out there, various domain extensions will come handy here. Later once you get your perfect startup name, you can reuse this site as a related blog. Most hosting providers provide a free domain name if you buy a hosting account.
  • Buy an economic hosting from popular hosting providers, and install wordpress. In most cases there will be tools to install wordpress.
  • How to install wordpress in godady
  • How to install wordpress in hostgator
  • How to install wordpress in bigrock
  • How to manually install wordpress
  • Configure the website using a free business template, with a  home page, and blog. In the home page, present your Service Offering, using a slider / image / text.
  • Responsive Free wordpress business templates 2014
  • Set up static page as home page, and posts
  • Populate the blog with 2 posts. 1) About your business, the reason behind your startup. 2) Come up with a google form survey, related to your startup, post it as a post
  • How to embed google form in wordpress
  • Setup a gmail id. You can use any of, etc.
  • Create an account in .Make use of extensive use of links, which enables lots of tracking. Use links for your survey
  • Enable social sharing buttons in website
  • Give your contact info, either as a page, or in footer
  • Set up google analytics account, and enable tracking
  • How to enable google analytics in wordpres
  • Set up a live chat to your website using one of olark/purechat
  • Set up mailchimp using the above gmail id, and give the email subscription button.
  • Create twitter account using the above email id. Create fb, linkedin pages using your personal account
  • Submit sitemap to google


  • Join facebook communities/groups where your target customer will be present
  • Follow 50 prospective customers from twitter, using hashtag searches
  • Identify top 25 websites related to your idea where prospective customers will be present. This could be blogs / forums etc. and post there
  • Do couple of tweets, introducing what you are into. Do some retweets which are relevant.
  • Share about the 2 blog posts in facebook
  • Post a free ad, in top 5 local classifieds, yellow pages, top 5 business directories
  • Create logo / favicon using online logo maker / online favicon maker

Day 2

Set up google ads. Run a campaign, setting up Rs 100, 200 per day. Run it for a week, optimizing the keywords after each day.

Identify  groups related to  your business.

Post over there.