A Beautiful WebApp

A very beautiful website for all the chess lovers. I would say this is one of the ideas which have made the best use of the features of internet .

A truly internet own’s kid!!

You can’t have a much more simpler name than this , and I wonder how I could miss this website , with such a simple name as Chess.com , considering the fact that it should be the first website which anyone should try out , or which could possibly get thrown out first from any of the searches.

Might be it never occurred to me to play chess online as am not that a frequent player , or rather not an expert at the game .

And I should say, this website, Chess.com is very addictive.

Some of the features which I liked.

1. You can play live real time chess with people; around the globe .It’s a good feel indeed when you ‘represent’ your country with the corresponding country’s flag displayed next to your name. You get to know the flags of different countries 😉

2. Very clean and bug free chess board with smooth movements and transitions.

3. The movement sound effects are just apt.

4. You have a built in timer.

5. Option to play blitz, long games, with built in chat facility for the games. Games from 1 minute, to 120 minutes are there!!! You get more a real feel with the built in chat.

6. You can choose to play rated / unrated games. Your initial rating is 1200 points, after which it varies on your wins / losses.

7. In between the game, you can replay the game till now; analyze the moves of your opponent, et al. By mistake you make a wrong move, there’s no option to undo your move though.

8. Lots of training materials / videos on Openings , Tactics, Strategy .There’s a daily puzzle and the tactics trainer , gives you interesting tactical problems to be solved , which asks you to make the next right/best move.

9. All the games you play get saved, so that you could analyze it later, get the link and circulate it among your buddies.

10. You can watch others’ matches. It’s fun to watch those games, have discussions with other ‘observers’ regarding the same. You should see those 1 minute games, the speed with which they make the moves. Awesome!!These are some of the moments in which you will appreciate the greatness of human brain.

11. Option to add other players as friends, so that you could play with them when they are online.

12. You can participate in tournaments.

13. You can play it in Facebook and iGoogle

Here’s the Facebook application page.

Here we go with the iGoogle application.

14. You can find and play with professional chess players.

And all this and more comes for free!!

There are also premium accounts, with access to unlimited tactics training problems, puzzles, etc.

Check it the features of premium accounts here.

And have a look at the screen-shot of one of the matches.


A match in progress


Funny, isn’t it, how these guys managed to eliminate all the pieces except pawns?

Want to see how they did it? Check this out.

Of course your chess board has a classier look when you play game live.

I once remember, when 3 of my roomies were into it, all addicted to the game.

Spreading addiction! Come get addicted.